Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ah Myspace

Does anyone remember a little site called Myspace?  You know, the first big social network?  In it's prime, Myspace was plagued by spammers.  It was usually a fake account that had some chick with big boobs as the default picture hawking some sleazy porn site.

I would have thought all the spammers would have tried to game Facebook now that it has far surpassed Myspace, but apparently not.  Here is a little exchange I had with a Myspace spammer today.

First off, this is the picture I get from the account that tried to friend me.  Needless to say, I ignore the request.  Later on, I get this message:

Hey, how's it going? Thanks for accepting the add, I apologize if the request seemed out of the blue, but you seem like a cool guy, and I was just curious if you'd like to be friends? I just moved out here a year ago and really have not had a chance to check this place out. I am always looking to have a great time with some really cool friends. I'm the girl next door type  Well, maybe we can hook up soon.

Oh yea, Do you happen to have a e-mail address? I was hoping to send you some more pictures of me that I took.

Hey, not bad!  This is much better than your average Nigerian spam.  The grammar is good and everything is spelled right.  Some one put some thought into this.  

Here was my response:

A couple of things:

Your message was good.  Very good.  It was the most convincing piece of spam I've gotten so far.  However, it has a few problems.

1) No one on social networks who look like the girl in the picture just randomly friends people.

2) The whole "I just moved here" bit has been done to death.  Come up with a new line.

3) No one, and I mean absolutely no one, offers "more pictures of me" in the first e-mail.  That line is not even subtle.  It's blatant and, frankly, slightly insulting.  Does anyone actually fall for that?

So in closing: drop dead spammer.  You do know no ones uses Myspace anymore, right?  Facebook is where it's at now.


I friended the account after I got the gem from above.  I eagerly await the reply.


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Houston said...

That kind of just made my day.